Inside Sales (Acquisitions)

Real Estate From Anywhere, is a real estate investment company that is

seeking to add a full-time sales (Acquisitions) superstar to our team. 

If you want all the leads you can handle, a proven script, and an experienced

closer to work deals with you...this could be for you.

You must have a proven ability to excel in communications over the phone,

produce results and can close deals.


> Commission

> Performance Bonus

> Unlimited Leads

> Proven Script

> Extensive Training

> In-team Mentor

The successful candidate will work from our Westminster, CO office focusing on

our Memphis, TN territory talking to motivated seller leads and negotiating the purchase of discount income properties directly from the current owners.  

A real estate license is required.

We are an experienced team of real estate investment professionals who are

skilled at finding and acquiring distressed properties nationwide for the

purpose of reselling or holding long term.  Nearly all acquisitions are

completed over the phone. If you don't like talking on the phone, don't apply.

If you are detail oriented, persistent and a reliable person, this might be the job for you.  This position is about building rapport, following a script and making offers.

You need to be able to use the computer, plug accurate numbers into our acquisitions calculator present offers over the phone and in writing directly to property sellers.

If you're motivated by money but always keeps ethics, character and integrity

at the front of your sales process, this might be the right job for you.

If you're good at numbers and can learn the formulas to calculate our maximum allowable offer on any property (we'll teach and train you), this might be the

right job for you.

If you're organized, can handle working in our CRM software, understand lead and relationship management and has a proven sales track record of follow-up and closing, this might be the job for you.

The Inside Sales Representative is responsible for handling outbound lead generation from company prospect lists and inbound lead generation from company marketing campaigns. You will be on the phone talking to people

most of your day.  That's where the money is.

Your job will be to evaluate a sellers situation, wants and needs and their property to determine the maximum price we can pay.  Then, your job will be to follow our proven scripts, present offers and convert the leads into a signed contract as the accepted purchase price.


> Contact and follow-up with company generated seller leads

> Use company lists, tools and training to generate new prospects

> Build relationships with sellers, calculate prices and present offers

> You MUST have an interest in real estate (real estate investing)

> Manage leads, stay organized, use our internal CRM & follow-up

> Chase deals with fervor until they are closed or dead


> Track record of phone sales with a demonstrated skill in negotiations

> Teachable and always wanting to improve (do you read books?)

> Proven professional that understand that hard work = success (Period)

> You are money motivated and willing to work for what you want

> Easily relates to all types of people & doesn't need a babysitter (No Joke)

> Not afraid to fail & seeks excitement (this is not routine cold calling)

> Never makes excuses, doesn't play office politics, point fingers or lay blame

> Works to achieve great things and feels proud of personal accomplishment

If you're teachable, a fast learner and wants to improve every day, this might be the job for you.

If you love the status quo, you'll hate this job and won't fit our culture.

Whiners need not apply.

We're looking for someone that gets excited about getting results and has the ability to let that excitement rub off and motivate the rest of the team.

If that's you, we should talk.

If you think this could be right for you, fill in the form to the right (on this page).

After we receive your application and the information requested above, we'll follow-up with all candidates who move to the next step in the process.

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