Will You Be My Next Success Story?

Chad was a total newbie. He had never done a real estate deal in his life, but he didn’t want to spend too much time learning. He wanted to hit the ground running. Like lots of people new to real estate, he was beating his head against the wall trying to make it happen in a highly competitive market and everyone else beat him to all the deals. Within 10 days of saying “Rob, I’ll follow your steps,” Chad flipped a house and made his first $5,000.  From there, Chad finally had a roadmap and a process to follow again, but most importantly he finally believed that it worked…

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Toni, a stay-at-home mom with a toddler followed the steps I told her to take and she pocketed $10,000 in her first 45 days, even having no prior real estate investing experience. text here...

Paul flipped 33 houses the year before joined my  Success Team. By everyone’s account, he was wildly successful.  But, he had one glaring problem, Paul was working 80 to 90 hours a week.  He had no life.  Sure, he was making a ton of money but his life was out of control. Paul joined my Success Team because, as he put it “I want to do what you’re doing and go fly fishing in the middle of the day. What do I have to do, to do that?” 

Sixty days after we started working together, he had systems in place in his business and he called me on a Thursday morning about 9:50 am and said, “Rob, I’m making as much money as I was before but I’ve gone to the gym every day this week at 10 after dropping my son off.  I’m walking in right now.  Thank you.” I helped Paul take control of his time and build freedom in his life.

Kyle had been studying real estate investing and had flipped a couple of houses, so he had made some money… but he was struggling with getting consistent cash flow.  To get consistent results, Kyle knew he would have to do something different. So that’s when he called me and said, “Ok, Rob, I’ll do it exactly your way…” Soon after, he flipped 3 houses and put over $13,000 in his pocket in 1 week.”

Tim got a lead from a property owner that needed to sell a house he owned 6 states away. He didn’t know to fund the deal  and get comfortable in another state. By following the 5 simple steps I showed him, Tim flipped the house, solved the homeowner’s problem and put $6,000 in his pocket in under a week.