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Find Great Deals Easier, Learn Strategies To Maximize Your ROI & Build Your Passive Cashflow In "Easy Profit Cities"

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Hey Rob Swanson here with Real Estate From Anywhere.  Are you finding it harder to find great deals, get the cashflow you want and create financial freedom in your local market?  If you answered "yes", you're not alone.  

Cities across the country have been on an upward price trajectory over the past few years so real estate investors are chasing lower and lower CAP RATES, smaller and smaller cashflow and finding themselves sitting on the sidelines frustrated.

But it doesn't have to be like that.  There are cities all across the country where you can buy at significant discounts and get the cashflow you want to build your real estate portfolio faster and smarter.

At Real Estate From Anywhere, we have local owner/operators that are experts at finding, renovating and leasing great properties in great areas in great cities.  When you join us on an upcoming Passive Investing & Property Buying Tour, you'll learn passive investing strategies, meet our entire team and gain direct access to discount income properties.

Memphis, TN - * WINTER 2019*

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